Endless Cycle

A year ago today, we became official. This is one of the most significant times in my young life so far. The day I first started dating the love of my life. But at that point, that is not what you were. You were an infatuation that became true. I spent a grand total of 12 months on you whether it be liking you, loving you, dating you, etc. and it was something that I regret but would never undo because it made me who I am today. You were the best and the worst thing that had ever happened to me. You are every Taylor Swift lyric I hear, every television show I still watch that we used to watch together, and every bad decision I make based off of the pain you caused me. I am not using you as an excuse because you do not even deserve that much of my attention or respect. Yet, I still give it to you you are pitiful. You’re 24, a bagger at a grocery store, not in school, not planning on joining the military, and a struggling alcoholic and drug addict. Now tell me what I saw in you? I could say but this post is not about that, it’s about what you did and how you don’t even care. You don’t care that I did things with you that I wouldn’t do with just anyone. That doesn’t matter to you. What matters to you is that you pleased your penis. Well, to that I say f*** you. F*** you very much in the words of Lily Allen. Today marks the day of the first day of the rest of my life a year ago, if that makes sense. I only hope that I don’t become like you in the future because you suck.


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We’ve all heard those romantic, sugary love quotes and thought to ourselves “ How could that person ever have been so happy!?” Sometimes love just isn’t butterflies and rainbows. Breakups can be hard and nasty to get through. But a good quote can be a much needed reminder that you are not alone. And that many times, love just sucks.

So here are a few quotes to get you started.

“All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else.” – Mae West

“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.” – Joan Crawford

“Practically all the relationships I know are based on a foundation of lies and mutually accepted delusion.” – Kim Cattrall

“It is impossible to love and be wise.” – Francis Bacon

“I DON’T have EX’s! I have Y’s…

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Love this!


I’m so angry. I’m tensed with rejection and frustration and I want to scream. Who the fuck do you think you are? Do you have no respect for my feelings at all? Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a grip. There’s nothing wrong with you. I try so hard and you don’t give a fuck. You’re so bad for me, you screwed me over in the past and you keep screwing me over now.

Can’t you just stay away? Please just stop messing the fuck with my head. I blame the tactless, selfish, offhand way you used to treat me for flipping my overactive mind into apparent disorder.

You bullied me. You made me feel stupid; you always seemed to pick up on the things I wasn’t good at to make yourself look superior. Everything was always on your terms! You never laughed when I…

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