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So much to say.
So little time to say them in.
I exhaust so much of my energy looking for answers.
Answers for what, I’m not quite sure.
I guess I’m too much in a rush to think.
I don’t follow the “wait patiently” philosophy.
So much to do.
So much to do, is all I have on my to do list.
“I should be thinking more like this.”
I’ll try to break down all of my tasks, into smaller ones.
List and simplify, what is important to least important.
I’m young and I will find my way.
My destiny can wait.
If I’m destined for greatness, who
knows ?

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Here are some dramatic postcard-inspired poems I wrote this weekend. Maybe I’ll mail the last one to my ex 🙂

Postcard 1

Dear X,

I now realize that all roads connect somewhere, but I’m writing this from the dying light of my Corolla, just noticing my half-empty tank that fueled my need to leave. No matter where I go from here, my memories are still mine and distance can’t lessen the impact. I’m coming home. Highways are not bridges to something happier.


Postcard 2

Dear X,

You’re an ugly scar with a back story I thoroughly enjoy. You’re one martini past my limit. You’re that chair I bought on sale which matches nothing in my apartment. I’m writing to you from my vacation-turned-home in Florida to say I won’t return. Just as I pretended to return those shoes you didn’t like for your birthday. I bought a sun hat instead. Enjoy…

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Stupid Endorphins…

No one tells you how one person can change your whole outlook on life, love, and happiness in no time at all. They tell you but you don’t listen you push it aside because you think they don’t know what they’re talking about because every situation is different, they don’t understand, they don’t know that person like you do, etc. but when it’s all over and everything they said was right, you pretend you don’t remember because one of the most humiliating things is doing something despite that fact that people told you it would never work and then failing at it when you knew in the back of your head they’re probably right.  You feel young, stupid, and like a failure. And then you start to see the signs they warned you about, that’s how blind love is. I personally blame it on the endorphins from being in love. Then the cycle starts again with you being the wiser and giving advice but they don’t listen and the same thing happens to them and you can’t do anything about it because you know how they felt and there are no words you can say other than “I told you so,” but who wants to hear that when they’re in that place. So you do your best to console them maybe tell them what helped you get through it and that is better than nothing. But no amount of words, songs, movies, drugs, alcohol, food, or anything can instantly take away the pain forever. Only temporarily but the pain will come back.